Curious how artificial intelligence will transform Australia’s aerospace industry?

Watch this episode of Tomorrow’s Tech’s #BelieveInAI series with Queensland AI Hub to hear from Michael Smart, Founder and CTO of Hypersonix Launch Systems as he shares how AI will allow real-time decision making during space flights and reduce risks.

Have you come across road incidents that could have been prevented by technology?

It’s possible. Tune into this episode of Tomorrow’s Tech’s #BelieveInAI series with Queensland AI Hub to hear from UQ’s Machine Learning Researcher, Alina Bialkowski on how Intelligent Transport Systems are the answer to Australia’s National Road Safety Strategy.

Do you think Australian farmers are tech or innovation adverse?

Let’s bust the myth! Tune into this episode of Tomorrow’s Tech’s #BelieveInAI series with Queensland AI Hub and hear from Jerome Leray, Agri innovator and the Managing Director of InFarm, on acceptance of ground-breaking technologies amongst Aussie farmers and their benefits.

What is the formula to become the next big marketplace of content?

Hear from a Unicorn! Tune into this week’s episode of Tomorrow’s Tech, where joining us is Vu Tran, Co-Founder of Go1, the latest addition to Australia’s billion-dollar club. Find out how their ambition and partnerships ensured Go1’s success into becoming a leading content aggregator.

Digital innovation is in Domino’s DNA. How?

Tune into this week’s episode of Tomorrow’s Tech, where we are joined by Chief Digital & Technology Officer and now the Group Chief Digital and Experience Officer Michael Gillespie as he shares a slice of Dominos’ recipe for success in innovation and digital transformation.

Elevating the manufacturing sector with innovation- one sensor at a time!

On this episode of Tomorrow’s Tech, find out how MOVUS CEO and Founder, Brad Parsons navigates innovation and sustainable change. Plus, get tips on how to perfect a grant application- do not miss out!

Fashion & MedTech – Interesting combination, right? Hear, Head of Creative at Canaria Technologies, Alex Moss on how her experience from the fashion industry, backed by technology, is saving lives in the Mining sector. Learn about Canaria’s life-saving wearable tech that provides real-time alerts for cognitive fatigue and heat exhaustion.

Specialising in the development of brain-wave sensors, Casey Pfluger, founder of Cortex Brainwave Technologies is developing a computer interface headset to provide therapeutic benefit for those with neurodegenerative diseases. Casey believes that this headset can also be used by healthy individuals to enhance the brain function and efficiency. Hear his story and personal inspiration as he continues on his entrepreneurial journey.

Saying Goodbye to 2020 with a big and happy smile. Watch our finale episode with entrepreneur and founder of, Dr. Padma Gadiyar. She shares her experience of transitioning from being an industry practioner to now an entrepreneur.

“At first, I had a fear of losing my identity, starting something that I knew nothing about and also a fear of whether I could learn the new skills required to succeed”. Our special guest on today’s episode is award-winning entrepreneur Jeff Sterling, founder of Universal Field Robotics. He shares his startup journey and outlines his thoughts on the future of robotics and industry 4.0. Watch the full episode to gain more insights on how the government can assist the industry towards the progression of robotics in the coming future.

Xing Technologies’ fast diagnostics solutions for COVID-19 has received support from the Australian Government CSIRO, United States NIH, and Queensland Government, as a global contender to help people safely return to their everyday lives. In this episode of Tomorrow’s Tech, Paul Mainwaring shares deep insights into the new advancements of their COVID-19 test which will revolutionise the way the medical world has been diagnosing coronavirus.

With Covid-19 disrupting the travel industry, Travello has teamed up with large enterprise in travel and tourism including Flight Centre, to encourage locals to holiday at home like international travellers. On this episode of Tomorrow’s Tech, Travello’s Co-founder Ryan Hanly shares deep insights about the changing world of Travel amidst Covid-19 and the future of TravelTech.

Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) at Queensland University of Technology, Wesley Huffstutter shares his global view of how technology innovation incentives can be improved by keeping a long-term perspective on the measures of success.

This episode covers:

– The BEST advice Wesley received as an entrepreneur

-Prepare early for the exit!–How commercialisation incentives can be optimised

– The importance of applying long-term incentives to Australian incubators and accelerators.

From compliance to pricing strategy, there are many factors to consider when expanding your business across borders. As a leader in product development and sourcing, Vanessa Garrard has partnerships with some of the largest retail brands such as Target, Kmart, Woolworths, Costco, and Walmart.

On this episode of Tomorrow’s Tech, Vanessa shares key parameters for domestic and international commercialisation success alongside some of the mistakes she made along the way.

What do entrepreneurial leaders need to consider when innovating for the aged care sector?

Melissa Argent, CEO of Rockpool Residential Age Care what shares the 2 priorities! And what she values the most, when seeking technology solutions for the benefit of her residents and facility.

Gain the insider perspective you have been looking for, on this episode of Tomorrow’s Tech.

Australian Sports Legend Greg Chappell plays with STR8BAT to bring the next big innovation in Sports – see how @Greg and Techstars backed startup str8bat is helping players worldwide #PlayBetter

Australian Sports Legend Greg Chappell plays with STR8BAT to bring the next big innovation in Sports.

Greg Chappell is a renowned cricket player and coach, inducted in the Sports Australia Hall of Fame. On this Tomorrow’s Tech show Greg shares the importance of co-innovating with your target market to develop a valuable offering, ready to be commercialised.

As an investor into Sportstech startup, Str8bat, Chappelli identifies what value he saw in the startup, and the important qualities demonstrated by the founders and value in the proposition that gave him the confidence to invest. 

Innovation in medical science is improving lives across the globe. On this Tomorrow’s Tech episode, the founder of Augmented Bionics, Viraj Agnihotri shares the vision to build accessible solutions for individuals living with physical disabilities.
With a diverse background in Innovation Management and Engineering Science from the University of Queensland, and formerly a graduate of the renowned Indian Institute of Technology, Viraj is leading the Augmented Bionics team to share his vision behind the first, Non-Surgical Bionic Ear.

Jamie Wilson is the founder behind Cryptoloc, an Australian Cybersecurity company named by Forbes as one of 20 Startups to Watch in 2020. Find out how this founder leveraged the power of relationships to drive his company onto the global stage to gain over 10,000 clients.

Holly Tattersall is the Founder and CEO of Women in Digital and Talent Digital Solutions. As a fierce and consistent supporter of women in the workplace, Holly brings valuable insights into how diversity can become more than a talking point for startup companies. Startups have a financial incentive to consider the implementation of workplace diversity from inception.

Watch this interview for the answers to questions like:

· Do investors care about team diversity?

· How can diversity be implemented in an impactful way?

· As a CEO, how spending 1-hour per week can help ensure that you have access to the best talent in the present and future?

Ever ask yourself, what prevents the Australian innovation ecosystem from being considered in the global stage? Join this poignant conversation, with Ran Heimann, EiR at UQ Ventures and founder of a successful startup himself.

Ran makes a solid case for the value of a cyclical startup ecosystem, where the successful entrepreneurs mentor the ones that come after them and government policy supports the infrastructure for innovation.

In this episode, Andrew Kingsford, GM of WaterStart highlights how water management companies and large water consumers tackle innovation and the value water tech companies can offer by following an industry-led approach.

Australian innovators in the water management sector face a highly diverse and complex market. By leveraging support from qualified organisations like WaterStart, Australian entrepreneurs can propel themselves into the domestic and global market to solve critical problems in water scarcity and waste management.

Arc Hardware Incubator is one of Australia’s leading supporters of hardware innovations, contributing to the economy’s Advanced Manufacturing potential. On this episode, we have the CEO and founder, Victor Vicario, sharing what it will take for industry, universities, innovation ecosystems and entrepreneurs to give a rise to Industry 4.0 in Australia.

Watch to this episode for an understanding of the state of hardware technologies in Australia, an understanding of what is possible in hardware technology development, and how stakeholders can come together to bring this into fruition.

Premiering the first episode of the Tomorrows Tech #InnovatorsSeries. Meet the entrepreneurs at the earlier stages of their journeys with promising innovations and the drive to commercialise them, with our new host, Clarice Langa.

Ian Ling and Chong Kok Leong are growing a commercially sustainable social enterprise! Having developed a WORLD’S FIRST washing detergent for luxury raw denim, Kurin Organics adopt enabling technology to proudly employ people with disabilities in their workforce.

“That’s against everything I have ever been taught” – Yas Grigaliunas (WBGS)

Yasmin speaks candidly about the underestimated efforts needed to successfully scale an entrepreneurial business. This is one of the most authentic Tomorrow’s Tech episodes to date! She shares her experience as an early-stage founder and illustrates a path for technology entrepreneurs to build purposeful partnerships within the circular economy, through the Sustainable Development Goals.

Yasmin Grigaliunas is a circular economy pioneer in Australia, and the CEO and Co-founder of the World’s Biggest Garage Sale, a startup designing solutions to commercialise the circular economy.

A recent Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between Australia and India was signed by the Prime Ministers Australia and the Republic of India on June 4th. This agreement includes Science and Technology as a key focus area. While most Australian Tech founders are unaware, this presents an unprecedented opportunity for integrated technology development and commercialisation with one of the most technologically advanced economies in the world.

We invited Nishant Kedia, Vice President of the Australia India Business Council (Queensland) to dissect the significance of this agreement and explain what opportunities available for the technology innovation communities on both sides.

Watch this episode if you are:

1. An entrepreneur wanting to build compliance into the DNA of your solution;

2. Looking to test the robustness of your technology solution within a mass market;

3. If you are interested in new business models to develop international reach.

Dean Dobson will give you some insights into how emerging technology startup founders can communicate with and find their markets. By bringing together their skills, product, and market opportunity, Dean and the founding team were able to service a portion of the IoT sector that is too often overlooked.

On this Tomorrow’s Tech show, we look at how the COVID-19 crisis has affected a specific sector of emerging technology innovation – the Internet of Things. Dean Dobson, Ex-Microsoft Director, angel investor, and Founder of Sensavation, shares the key choices in his business model and market communications that have helped his business remain functional during the pandemic.

Advisory Boards can be an extremely useful resource and expertise for startups, scaleups and SME’s gearing up and adjusting to the post COVID-19 business environment. As a Fellow Member for the Governance Institute Australia, Certified Chair for the Advisory Board Centre and through extensive experience as CEO / GM, Non-Executive Director and Board Advisor, Keith Bailey is referential in advisory boards and advisory board development.

Watch this episode for: How advisory boards can be helpful in times of crisis How technology companies can use Advanced Analytics to improve their market position post COVID-19 The blind spots founders have, and advisory boards help to uncover Listen to this episode and join the conversation, on the 3dotDigital Linkedin Channel. 

From international missions, to domestic and virtual missions! #SociallyDistantYetForwardThinking As an experienced entrepreneur, manager and advisor for technology startups, and currently General Manager for Startup Catalyst, Todd McGregor has rich experience across technology development and commercialisation that may be of interest to you. Perhaps most relevant is the fact that Startup Catalyst is going through its own pivoting journey. Similarly, by developing a deeper understanding of your offering’s USP, you can turn this period of uncertainty into the beginning a more focused chapter for your startup. Watch this episode for honest, battle-tested advice on how to face a challenging external environment during your startup journey.

With the current coronavirus pandemic, there is no doubt that businesses of all sizes including startups and scallops are being affected. Don McKenzie, Managing Director of Adizes Institute Australia shares some insights specifically for startups and scaleups during this time. The founders who can manage change, driving towards productive conflict, will find themselves in a better position to implement strategy quickly and survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how understanding the current state of the business, and developing goals for a future state based on what is happening can help founders draw a successful path for their future.

Don McKenzie has experience managing publicly listed companies (ASX) and is a long-time investor, now with the Brisbane Angels Group. He shares the qualities investors are looking for in founders, that can be demonstrated in times of uncertainty. Listen to this episode and join the conversation, on the 3dotDigital Linkedin Channel.

Jason Lowe is the Co-Founder of Hacking Health Queensland, a chapter of the global organisation looking to connect people with a passion and talent of innovation and the opportunities to bring solutions to the challenges in the Healthcare sector.

On this show, Jason discusses the opportunities and challenges that exist in the healthtech innovation sector, for entrepreneurs to grapple with as they bring new and significant solutions in the market. He also shares the huge role that the Australian Government has to play, to influence innovative products and services coming into the market.

#PropTech is now part of the innovation and startup ecosystems, and Isaac Coonan is here to explain what this is all about. With 1.4 million employed, and 202 billion in profits every year, this is one of the most significant industries for the Australian economy. Isaac discussed how industry leaders can best impact this innovation sector to ensure that the solutions coming out of Innovation Hubs are compelling and helpful to the industry.

Isaac also discussed how during the boom of innovation verticals such as the Fintech, not enough emphasis was placed in the alignment of industry and innovation, and the investments made by government and industry may have been wasted. Investment without KPIs is dangerous because there is very little accountability between corporates and innovative startups.

Confidence breeds confidence. On this Tomorrow’s Tech show, Linda Ginger, Data-Driven Market Strategist and founder of Attractor shares how entrepreneurs can reassess their market strategies for the post-COVID world. Discover what differentiates the entrepreneurs who are forging ahead, depsite the challenges brought by the COVID-19 environment.

And understand how entrepreneurs can leverage emerging market opportunities with a degree of certainty of success.

Chris Kommatas is the Head of Innovations and Partnerships at Potential (x), a leading provider in hospital bookmarking and healthcare data gathering across Australia and New Zealand. On Tomorrow’s Tech, Chris delves into how entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector can use the current times as an opportunity to determine what the market is asking for and how they can innovate to action these changes.

With the advent of COVID-19, there are major disruptions to the healthcare sector worldwide. In a sector that seldom experiences a disruption of this magnitude, find out how Chris Kommatas think the HealthTech sector can best collaborate during the current times.

Confidence breeds confidence. On this Tomorrow’s Tech show, Linda Ginger, Data-Driven Market Strategist and founder of Attractor shares how entrepreneurs can reassess their market strategies for the post-COVID world. Discover what differentiates the entrepreneurs who are forging ahead, depsite the challenges brought by the COVID-19 environment.


Understand how entrepreneurs can leverage emerging market opportunities with a degree of certainty of success

HR Tech is gaining notoriety in the Australian technology and innovation landscape. In this candid conversation, Mike Keating, founder of exposes the lessons he has learned in the process of building an inbound recruitment product that would land him clients such as Accenture and RACQ.

Mike also discusses how technology often needs to take a backseat in the sales process, giving precedence to the potential client, their fears and their goals. Focusing on a specific client problem, and continuing to specify the solution as a response to that problem has been’s successful strategy.

Peter Laurie is a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur and veteran in the Australian innovation ecosystem. Always willing to say what others may be thinking, Peter Laurie speaks to the assumptions corporations need to overcome, and the best-practice of innovation as a learning process. Stay tuned for his insights on the pros and cons of Australia’s geographical isolation from most of the developed world.

Kathryn Foster is a former Senior Vice President of Microsoft Xbox Marketplace Group, turned serial entrepreneur now driving innovation in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. On this episode, Kathryn shares the importance of Innovation ecosystems working to develop an innovation ecosystem that they want to participate in.

With microData Digital Solutions Kathryn is developing tier- 4 data centres with active failover, to attract Medium to Large enterprise to engage with the infrastructure, and lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast. Watch for some advice on how Australian government bodies, entrepreneurs, and innovation ecosystems can work together to best take advantage of this opportunity.

Sortal enables users to intuitively search for their digital content, through Artificial Intelligence technology. Majella Edwards speaks on how her career as an Olympian athlete, and later in design, shaped her understanding of technology and how to successfully bring to market an innovative tech product. This conversation spans across many aspects of the Australian innovation and start-up ecosystem, including the right time to seek investment, to how to ascertain that the technology being developed will actually solve business problems.

Ron Hill is a successful Australian entrepreneur, with a history of commercialising IP-driven projects in the international market. After being instrumental in developing the Boulder, Colorado (USA) innovation and entrepreneurship hub, Ron has returned to Australia to accomplish the same for the Sunshine Coast, on the back to the Undersea Fiber Optic Cable landing in mid-2020. Watch this episode for insight into the crucial pieces to build a well-oiled start-up and innovation ecosystem, focused on providing the entrepreneurs with the resources to succeed, including a channel into “deals over demo days”, and larger markets overseas, at a purposeful time. Do you think a five to 10- year timeline is too ambitious, or with the engagements outlined in this video, can the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and Australia achieve this?

Juliette Murphy is the founder and CEO of FloodMapp, a real-time predictive flood mapping software company. On this episode of Tomorrow’s Tech, Sam and Juliette discuss how a passion project, coupled with subject matter expertise can be made into a powerful solution for such a significant problem. All over the world, individuals and companies suffer serious damages from being unable to predict the magnitude of floods until it’s too late. You will get some insight into the technology, which provides real-time flood inundation maps, AND into FloodMapp’s business strategy and roadmap! Stay tuned for a breakdown into how Juliette looks to action the recent capital raise of $1.3 million.

We hope this video gives you insight into how seeking and accepting feedback can help you grow your business. As a co-founder and young entrepreneur, Sean Melis has found that taking risks, and failing often have been integral to the success of his chatbot conversational agency — bot.hello. bot.hello prioritises the human experience, and uses the technical capabilities of their technology as the enabler for personalised conversations in the B2C sector. This is just as much about growing the company as it is about the growth required to bring an idea into reality. What will you take from this conversation?

At 14 years old, Scott Millar started a business for a school group project. Soon after the semester ended, he reflected on how that classroom experience jumpstarted his career in business and wanted to do the same for other students! Now as the founder and CEO of BOP Industries, Scott drives technology and entrepreneurship education workshops, with students from primary to high school. Listen as he discusses the imperative of reaching out to kids and empowering them with the tools they need, to bring ideas into the market.

Current water pipeline monitoring technology does not have the capabilities to deal with the complex water infrastructure in cities in Australia and across the world. Through a combination of a strong and diverse team, validation through data and several lessons learnt along the way, Carl Buckeridge, William Smith and Sara Richardson have developed a solution for this problem

Watch as Carl Buckeridge shares how Leakster’s groundbreaking solution combines innovation in hardware and software to pinpoint leaks in the pipeline, making asset management more a lot more seamless.

Ashley Baxter is the founder of EarthOffset a sustainable tech startup providing technology solutions to enable people to be environmentally, economically and socially sustainable!

On this episode of Tomorrow’s Tech, we talk about Ashley’s entrepreneurial journey and how she was able to see an opportunity in an area that is often overlooked. Enjoy the episode, and don’t forget to connect with us.

Have you validated the most valued product features before entering the market? Are you confident that your idea will serve the market better than incumbents in it? Do you know how to minimise risk without compromising your innovation?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or managing a large corporation, the research Linda Ginger will give you access to, decrease market research time of 6 months into days and give you an accurate picture of how your business idea would perform in that market!

Be on the lookout for Linda Ginger’s book on these ideas of how you can innovate confidently and enter the market with much higher chances of success.