Legal and IP

Here we discuss how Legal Services and Technology collide from 2 perspectives:

#BusinessStructure: Many startup founders fail to consider how they will change and grow throughout their journey, during the beginning stages. Get an insight into how the legal structure of your business determines your ability to change.

#LegalTech: Technology innovation can transform how legal services are delivered. When developed through a collaborative industry-led approach these tech innovations can go further and change the very practice of what legal services are.

Comment below: Do you know any #LegalTech solutions which challenge the Practice of Law?

Watch for Esteban Gomez, Senior Corporate Advisor at GRT Lawyers, for his perspective on these audience questions.

Startups and Scaleups developing innovations of global significance often have one question: How can I ensure I am protecting the value of my IP?

Malcolm McBratney is a Mills Oakley partner and experienced practitioner in Technology and Intellectual Property law. On this Tomorrow’s Tech episode, Malcolm shares how to protect your IP value as you develop your technology.

From international missions, to domestic and virtual missions!


As an experienced entrepreneur, manager and advisor for technology startups, and currently General Manager for Startup Catalyst, Todd McGregor has rich experience across technology development and commercialisation that may be of interest to you.

Perhaps most relevant is the fact that Startup Catalyst is going through its own pivoting journey. Similarly, by developing a deeper understanding of your offering’s USP, you can turn this period of uncertainty into the beginning a more focused chapter for your startup.

Watch this episode for honest, battle-tested advice on how to face a challenging external environment during your startup journey.