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Are you an entrepreneur or an innovator wanting to amplify your tech startup idea? In this episode, Saket Apte, Head of Tech Mahindra’s Makers Lab joins us to share some great insights into the vision and mission of their Innovation Lab and how you can get involved! We encourage you to visit… to learn more about their future endeavors.

The digital age has reshaped the 21st century business landscape in a world of ways. On this episode of Tomorrow’s Tech, Chairman of Opmantek and 42 Ventures, Danny Maher shares deep insights on why the Freemium business model requires strategic choices that need to be aligned and continuously reviewed to build a sustainable business.

On this Tomorrow’s Tech episode, our guest Nikhil Malhotra, Global Head of Innovation at Tech Mahindra talks shares exclusive ideas and strategies for STEM and R&D to help innovation at the grassroots level.


Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) at Queensland University of Technology, Wesley Huffstutter shares his global view of how technology innovation incentives can be improved by keeping a long-term perspective on the measures of success.

This episode covers the BEST advice Wesley received as an entrepreneur and how you can prepare early for the exit! He also talks about how commercialisation incentives can be optimised along with the importance of applying long-term incentives to Australian incubators and accelerators.

Ever ask yourself, what prevents the Australian innovation ecosystem from being considered in the global stage? Join this poignant conversation, with Ran Heimann, EiR at UQ Ventures and founder of a successful startup himself.

Ran makes a solid case for the value of a cyclical startup ecosystem, where the successful entrepreneurs mentor the ones that come after them and government policy supports the infrastructure for innovation.

In this episode, Andrew Kingsford, GM of WaterStart highlights how water management companies and large water consumers tackle innovation and the value water tech companies can offer by following an industry-led approach.

Australian innovators in the water management sector face a highly diverse and complex market. By leveraging support from qualified organisations like WaterStart, Australian entrepreneurs can propel themselves into the domestic and global market to solve critical problems in water scarcity and waste management.

Arc Hardware Incubator is one of Australia’s leading supporters of hardware innovations, contributing to the economy’s Advanced Manufacturing potential. On this episode, we have the CEO and founder, Victor Vicario, sharing what it will take for industry, universities, innovation ecosystems and entrepreneurs to give a rise to Industry 4.0 in Australia.

Watch to this episode for an understanding of the state of hardware technologies in Australia, an understanding of what is possible in hardware technology development, and how stakeholders can come together to bring this into fruition.

A recent Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between Australia and India was signed by the Prime Ministers Australia and the Republic of India on June 4th. This agreement includes Science and Technology as a key focus area. While most Australian Tech founders are unaware, this presents an unprecedented opportunity for integrated technology development and commercialisation with one of the most technologically advanced economies in the world.

We invited Nishant Kedia, Vice President of the Australia India Business Council (Queensland) to dissect the significance of this agreement and explain what opportunities available for the technology innovation communities on both sides.

Watch this episode if you are:
1. An entrepreneur wanting to build compliance into the DNA of your solution;
2. Looking to test the robustness of your technology solution within a mass market;
3. If you are interested in new business models to develop international reach.

From international missions, to domestic and virtual missions!
As an experienced entrepreneur, manager and advisor for technology startups, and currently General Manager for Startup Catalyst, Todd McGregor has rich experience across technology development and commercialisation that may be of interest to you.

Perhaps most relevant is the fact that Startup Catalyst is going through its own pivoting journey. Similarly, by developing a deeper understanding of your offering’s USP, you can turn this period of uncertainty into the beginning a more focused chapter for your startup.

Chris Kommatas is the Head of Innovations and Partnerships at Potential (x), a leading provider in hospital bookmarking and healthcare data gathering across Australia and New Zealand. On Tomorrow’s Tech, Chris delves into how entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector can use the current times as an opportunity to determine what the market is asking for and how they can innovate to action these changes.

With the advent of COVID-19, there are major disruptions to the healthcare sector worldwide. In a sector that seldom experiences a disruption of this magnitude, find out how Chris Kommatas think the HealthTech sector can best collaborate during the current times.

Jason Lowe is the Co-Founder of Hacking Health Queensland, a chapter of the global organisation looking to connect people with a passion and talent of innovation and the opportunities to bring solutions to the challenges in the Healthcare sector.

On this show, Jason discusses the opportunities and challenges that exist in the healthtech innovation sector, for entrepreneurs to grapple with as they bring new and significant solutions in the market. He also shares the huge role that the Australian Government has to play, to influence innovative products and services coming into the market.

#PropTech is now part of the innovation and startup ecosystems, and Isaac Coonan is here to explain what this is all about. With 1.4 million employed, and 202 billion in profits every year, this is one of the most significant industries for the Australian economy. Isaac discussed how industry leaders can best impact this innovation sector to ensure that the solutions coming out of Innovation Hubs are compelling and helpful to the industry.

Isaac also discussed how during the boom of innovation verticals such as the Fintech, not enough emphasis was placed in the alignment of industry and innovation, and the investments made by government and industry may have been wasted. Investment without KPIs is dangerous because there is very little accountability between corporates and innovative startups.