With the continuing need to drive greater throughput and reduce costs, manufacturers are looking to automation and Industry 4.0 solutions to increase their efficiency. In this episode, we engage with CEO and Founder of Reekoh, Dale Rankine as he shares how companies are prioritising the adoption of Industrial IoT to operate and thrive in our competitive post-COVID economy.

Autonomous vehicles, Smart Manufacturing and Cobots! Understand what applications will drive the adoption of 5G in Australia.

On this episode of Tomorrow’s Tech, Ketan Panchal, Director of Communications, Media & Entertainment at Tech Mahindra shares deep insights into how 5G is going to transform industries including agriculture, transport and logistics, and health.

On this Tomorrow’s Tech episode, our guest Nikhil Malhotra, Global Head of Innovation at Tech Mahindra talks shares exclusive ideas and strategies for STEM and R&D to help innovation at the grassroots level.

Australia’s fintech startups are now positioned to lead financial innovation for banking customers. On this Tomorrow’s Tech episode, co-founder of Paypa Plane and Chair of FinTech Australia, Simone Joyce shares how we can attract global Fintech’s to disrupt the traditional banking model and delight banking customers.

What do entrepreneurial leaders need to consider when innovating for the aged care sector?

Melissa Argent, CEO of Rockpool Residential Age Care what shares the 2 priorities! And what she values the most, when seeking technology solutions for the benefit of her residents and facility.

Peter Laurie returns to Tomorrow’s Tech, this time to discuss the gaps in Australia’s Startup and Innovation ecosystem. The Future of Work in Australia is a controversial topic! Addressing the skills gap in a timely manner is one way to go ahead of the new reality that a tech-enabled society will be in. All of this discussed on this episode and more!

Stay tuned for Peter’s take on the best approach to attending conferences in light of the QODE (Innovation and Technology) conference coming up in Queensland.

Peter Laurie is a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur and veteran in the Australian innovation ecosystem. Always willing to say what others may be thinking, Peter Laurie speaks to the assumptions corporations need to overcome, and the best-practice of innovation as a learning process. Stay tuned for his insights on the pros and cons of Australia’s geographical isolation from most of the developed world.