The digital age has reshaped the 21st century business landscape in a world of ways. On this episode of Tomorrow’s Tech, Chairman of Opmantek and 42 Ventures, Danny Maher shares deep insights on why the Freemium business model requires strategic choices that need to be aligned and continuously reviewed to build a sustainable business.

When it comes to investment, having the right valuation is key! Entrepreneurs who can demonstrate an objective and accurate valuation from the perspective of investors set themselves up for successful capital raising.
On this Tomorrow’s Tech episode, Graeme Linklater shares tips for entrepreneurs to achieve an attractive valuation. Graeme is a long-term successful investor, and one of the founding members of the Brisbane Angels Group. Having mentored several entrepreneurs on this matter, you will want to listen to his perspective.

Australian Sports Legend Greg Chappell plays with STR8BAT to bring the next big innovation in Sports – see how @Greg and Techstars backed startup str8bat is helping players worldwide #PlayBetter

Australian Sports Legend Greg Chappell plays with STR8BAT to bring the next big innovation in Sports

Greg Chappell is a renowned cricket player and coach, inducted in the Sports Australia Hall of Fame. On this Tomorrow’s Tech show Greg shares the importance of co-innovating with your target market to develop a valuable offering, ready to be commercialised.

As an investor into Sportstech startup, Str8bat, Chappelli identifies what value he saw in the startup, and the important qualities demonstrated by the founders and value in the proposition that gave him the confidence to invest. Share this episode with sportstech founders within your network looking to understand what the market and potential investors are looking for.

Is your startup venture investor ready or just pitch ready? On this Tomorrow’s Tech episode, Brian Cooke explains the due diligence process startups go through, to demonstrate their value beyond a great pitch.

As a Brisbane Angels Group investor, Brian emphasizes that while a pitch can generate interest, only through meticulous due diligence can investment decisions be made. With the changes brought about by the COVID-19 raising capital has become even more difficult for early-stage startups. Watch this episode and learn how you can set yourself apart and create opportunities to thrive in the post-COVID environment.

An experienced capital raising advisor, Cissy shares her insights on the Australian capital raising market and the gap between Angel and VC investment as well as how the government can play a part.