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Autonomous vehicles, Smart Manufacturing and Cobots! Understand what applications will drive the adoption of 5G in Australia. On this episode of Tomorrow’s Tech, Ketan Panchal, Director of Communications, Media & Entertainment at Tech Mahindra shares deep insights into how 5G is going to transform industries including agriculture, transport and logistics, and health.

Are you an entrepreneur or an innovator wanting to amplify your tech startup idea? In this episode, Saket Apte, Head of Tech Mahindra’s Makers Lab joins us to share some great insights into the vision and mission of their Innovation Lab and how you can get involved!

On this Tomorrow’s Tech episode, our guest Nikhil Malhotra, Global Head of Innovation at Tech Mahindra talks shares exclusive ideas and strategies for STEM and R&D to help innovation at the grassroots level.

Curiosity drives the world, in forms big and small. It impacts us all from driving the human story forward to touching new frontiers. It’s this child-like curiosity that is behind every big invention. This curiosity helps us drive new frontiers in business innovation and impacts society at large. 

Makers Lab, Tech Mahindra innovation journey has helped the community with computational drug research for COVIDfrugal oxygen generator, SOS service and a lot more. Agritech benefits farmers in productivity and various other innovations that span across various domains. 

Mobile and web-based AR application which provides users a novel shopping experience where they can view garments fitted onto their personalized virtual avatars. 

Users can choose different body measurements , clothes sizes and preview selected garments on their virtual avatar without having to try them on physically. 

Biggest challenge for Media & Entertainment Industry is content creation. Storicool creates story from the set of assets as you speak– an auto-content generator.  It sits inside the Unity Developer Tools and as you speak (or type) it creates the story, the actions the animations – without any knowhow of coding. 

Makers Lab , TechMahindra is the thinqubator/R&D division of TechMahindra. At Makers lab, we have a vision to create smart machines which are inspired by the biological beings, us. Makers lab does research and development on AI, Machine learning, AR and VR, robotics and Quantum Computing. 

Nikhil MalhotraChief Innovation OfficerTech Mahindra speaks at TEDxJNEC on the birth of AI, present state of AI and future of Neuroscience Inspired AI. 

Nikhil Malhotra, Chief Innovation Officer at Tech Mahindra speaks at TEDxSVNIT on COURAGE principle followed at Makers Lab and how it accelerates innovation. 

Nikhil Malhotra, Chief Innovation Officer@ Tech Mahindra speaks on intelligent toys and the importance of laws and guiding principles to prevent abuse. 

While English is a common language for software development and open source, making open source more accessible to the non-English audience is important to advance the ecosystem. 

Nikhil Malhotra, Chief Innovation [email protected] Tech Mahindra speaks on his creation BHAML which provides an IDE or independent development editor, that can be downloaded by any student to code HTML in their language.  

Kanchan Bhonde, Agritech Research Head & Product Strategy Head, Makers Lab, Tech Mahindra speaks on uncertainties in agriculture and Makers Lab innovations with focus on productivity and helping farmers at India-Canada Digital Collaboration event for Agritech. 

Kanchan Bhonde, Agritech Research Head & Product Strategy Head, Makers Lab, Tech Mahindra provides guidance on how you can start, restart or rise in Tech career.

Nikhil Malhotra, Chief Innovation Officer @Tech Mahindra speaks on Neuroscience Inspired AIReinforcement Learning and Genetic Algorithms. 

App with account management, MIS and P&L for farmers.It enables separation between personal expenses and business expenses for farmers. It provides daily, monthly, yearly account statement to help plan ahead. Farmers can easily manage and track loans. 

Makers Lab is heavily focused on IoT, Drones and Robotics with various IPs that include capturing real-time vehicular characteristics, smart energy management, bolt-on kit for wheelchair… 

Makers Lab, Tech Mahindra’s biggest bet for L2 autonomy – Road2 which is a retrofit option for Autonomous Driving Level 2. This includes Bolt-On Design, AI trained on Indian Fringe, focused on sustainability and is frugal with no costly Lidars. 

Hear Nikhil Malhotra, Global innovation head speak on Quantum physics, problems which Quantum computing can solve, practical applications of Quantum computing, different facets and the future of AI. 

This virtual application helps in reducing the CAPEX and OPEX of the network companies. This virtual application can also help the employees to work from any place they want, especially for woman workers who can’t be present in NOC in night shifts. They can work from their homes which increases the productivity of the employees. 

Digital Bank VR app enables you to conduct banking transactions such as payment, set preferences virtually giving you the feel as if you are physically present in the bank. You also experience different zones dependent on customer category, have a conference and experience virtual customer service.