Education is enlightenment. Education can help lift girls out of the darkness to empower a future generation of dynamic women leaders. On this episode, we welcome Rita Anwari, founder of the Women Empowerment & Leadership Association. Rita shares her life journey as a refugee from Afghanistan, with high aspirations and dreams to become an entrepreneur, she is now empowering and supporting other women to reach their full potential.

The entrepreneurial journey can be extremely exciting. It can, however, very quickly become daunting if one isn’t prepared for the challenges that come along with this journey. On this Tomorrow’s Tech episode, co-founder of @YourCEOMentor Martin Moore shares deep insights for corporate leaders who are planning to transition into an entrepreneurial venture.
Martin has been mentoring leaders and organisations around the globe with practical leadership strategies to deliver real value uplift by improving leadership capability. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Holly Tattersall is the Founder and CEO of Women in Digital and Talent Digital Solutions. As a fierce and consistent supporter of women in the workplace, Holly brings valuable insights into how diversity can become more than a talking point for startup companies.

Startups have a financial incentive to consider the implementation of workplace diversity from inception.
Watch this interview for the answers to questions like:

· Do investors care about team diversity?

· How can diversity be implemented in an impactful way?

· As a CEO, how spending 1-hour per week can help ensure that you have access to the best talent in the present and future?

With the current coronavirus pandemic, there is no doubt that businesses of all sizes including startups and scallops are being affected. Don McKenzie, Managing Director of Adizes Institute Australia shares some insights specifically for startups and scaleups during this time. The founders who can manage change, driving towards productive conflict, will find themselves in a better position to implement strategy quickly and survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how understanding the current state of the business, and developing goals for a future state based on what is happening can help founders draw a successful path for their future.

Don McKenzie has experience managing publicly listed companies (ASX) and is a long-time investor, now with the Brisbane Angels Group. He shares the qualities investors are looking for in founders, that can be demonstrated in times of uncertainty.