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Curious how artificial intelligence will transform Australia’s Digital Economy across private and public sectors? Watch this episode of the #BelieveInAI with Queensland AI Hub to hear from QUT’s, Founding Director of the Centre for the Digital Economy, Marek Kowalkiewicz as he shares the current trends in AI’s adoption and the factors that are holding back our Digital Economy.

On this episode of Tomorrow’s Tech, Vanessa shares key parameters for domestic and international commercialisation success alongside some of the mistakes she made along the way.

Do you think Australian farmers are tech or innovation adverse? Let’s bust the myth! Tune into this episode of Tomorrow’s Tech’s #BelieveInAI series with Queensland AI Hub and hear from Jerome Leray, Agri innovator and the Managing Director of InFarm, on acceptance of ground-breaking technologies amongst Aussie farmers and their benefits.

From compliance to pricing strategy, there are many factors to consider when expanding your business across borders. As a leader in product development and sourcing, Vanessa Garrard has partnerships with some of the largest retail brands such as Target, Kmart, Woolworths, Costco, and Walmart.

On this episode of Tomorrow’s Tech, Vanessa shares key parameters for domestic and international commercialisation success alongside some of the mistakes she made along the way.

Confidence breeds confidence. On this Tomorrow’s Tech show, Linda Ginger, Data-Driven Market Strategist and founder of Attractor shares how entrepreneurs can reassess their market strategies for the post-COVID world.

Discover what differentiates the entrepreneurs who are forging ahead, depsite the challenges brought by the COVID-19 environment.


Understand how entrepreneurs can leverage emerging market opportunities with a degree of certainty of success

Dan Adler is the Head Honcho or Managing Director of next Thursday, a strategic brand agency which prides itself in being unreasonable! All too often, startup founders don’t think of branding as a priority in their marketing strategy … but what if they did?

The value of defining a brand with high specificity and looking at each internal decision through the lenses of this brand can be of extremely high for startups. When the market begins to see the brand as an entity of its own, communication becomes clearer and proliferates much faster.

Listen to this episode for some wisdom Dan has picked up along his own entrepreneurial journey and for a deeper understanding of the value a brand can bring to startup and scaleup founders and their ventures.

Your success in life, and as an entrepreneur, depends largely on your ability to communicate. On this episode of Tomorrow’s Tech, we welcome Sally Prosser, former TV Journalist, and media spokesperson. Sally shares the keys on how you can use communication as a tool to pitch to investors, attract customers and build relationships.

We hope this video gives you insight into how seeking and accepting feedback can help you grow your business. As a co-founder and young entrepreneur, Sean Melis has found that taking risks, and failing often have been integral to the success of his chatbot conversational agency — bot.hello.

bot.hello prioritises the human experience, and uses the technical capabilities of their technology as the enabler for personalised conversations in the B2C sector. This is just as much about growing the company as it is about the growth required to bring an idea into reality.

Have you validated the most valued product features before entering the market? Are you confident that your idea will serve the market better than incumbents in it? Do you know how to minimise risk without compromising your innovation?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or managing a large corporation, the research Linda Ginger will give you access to, decrease market research time of 6 months into days and give you an accurate picture of how your business idea would perform in that market!

Be on the lookout for Linda Ginger’s book on these ideas of how you can innovate confidently and enter the market with much higher chances of success.